Anthony Gomez

director | PARTNER

Anthony started his first venture in 2002 when he worked at his family-owned restaurant. Through the years, he went on to work with some of the most well known companies in the Pacific NW. Quickly realizing that he loved creating experiences for people, he started working local experiential events. He quickly hit the road in 2005, representing various fortune 500 companies, running small to large-scale programs, while learning the in's & outs of the industry. He has toured all 50 states and travels often. He is the eagle eye of the operation. His creativity comes out in everything that he does. Mostly, you'll catch him enjoying some coffee, a fine wine or a good book.

Adrienne Gomez

operations | managing PARTNER

Her background is in Communication & Public Relations. Adrienne handles some of our most important situations and wears many hats. She is our detail master and organizational queen. She is on top of it, at all times. On her off time, you will find her in a hot yoga studio or researching her next travel destination.

Cassandra Gomez


We can always count on her for a smile, she is usually the one to start the party. Some of her responsibilities include handling our teams out in the field. ensuring that they are fully equipped and ready for every event. Whatever situation may come her way, she handles it gracefully. Most describe her as unstoppable. She is currently studying to be a doctor and loves a good adventure.